Jeep Wrangler Hybrid 2017 Specs, Rumors Date and Price

After almost ten years of producing, this fantastic vehicle is still going really strong, and it is expected that upcoming Jeep Wrangler Hybrid 2017 will hit the market with the new safety features as well as with the many others improvements. What we currently know about the new Wrangler Hybrid 2017 is that it is obvious that Jeep will not diminish the off-road ability of the Wrangler. Jeep will also keep the solid axle on the Wrangler, and that will certainly help to increase the suspension while adding larger tires. For the mass production of Hybrid Wrangler, the company will be ready by 2018. 

Jeep Wrangler Hybrid 2017 front
Jeep Wrangler Hybrid 2017 – What is Expected in Design?

The exterior design of Jeep Wrangler Hybrid 2017 is quite exceptional. The total weight of the vehicle will be decreased thanks to the removable panels which will be placed instead of a soft top. That further means that fuel efficiency will be slightly improved than before, and this is the big plus for the Jeep company. Jeep definitely cannot change the basic concept, so this model will remain the strong vehicle with the great off-road capability. When it comes to the appearance of the upcoming model, it will be pretty the same as before. The front fascia will be recognizable with the fantastic black chromed grille. Also, the front grille will be paired with the rounded headlights, which will be powered by the LED bulbs. The front bumper will be fitted with the small, but very strong fog lights. That will give the driver better road vision for off-road terrains. The new upcoming Jeep Wrangler Hybrid 2017 will be available in the four-door variant. The interior design of Jeep Wrangler Hybrid 2017 is very good and comfortable. The upcoming model will come with increased leg room space as well as with a better seating arrangement. On the center of the dashboard, we can see a large 8-inch touchscreen display with the updated infotainment system while the analog cluster display will give information about the normal functions of the model. When it comes to safety, this model will come with the new back view 360 degrees’ camera, and this system will be very useful when parking or maneuvering in garages. Everything else inside of new Wrangler remains the same as before.

Jeep Wrangler Hybrid 2017 interior
Jeep Wrangler Hybrid 2017 – Engine Specifications:

Under the hood, new Wrangler Hybrid 2017 will be very powerful and it will contain a new option in a sight of the hybrid variant. The new model will be a mild hybrid. This is a new system that will use brake energy to recovered and charge up a battery for power ancillary features like LED lights, air conditioner, center console.e.t.c. These are all the information that we have at this moment.

Jeep Wrangler Hybrid 2017 – Rumors Date and Price:

The release date of the upcoming Wrangler Hybrid is still not reviled but is expected to be showed somewhere in 2017. In this moment, there is no information about price.

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